Essential Workers.  Essential Gifts.

Did you know?  A large percentage of frontline essential workers are immigrants, keeping Americans safe, healthy, fed, and poised for economic recovery — often at great risk to their health and lives.

The likelihood is

the person who stocks your grocery shelves,
delivers packages to your door,
disinfects your doctor’s office,
and harvests your cranberries
is an immigrant.

Giving When It Matters Is Magic.

At this time of year we are asked to give all the time.

But there’s magic in giving when the impact is felt directly by those who have sacrificed the most….our essential workers, the majority of whom are immigrants.

 Your contribution will be used to help our clients:

    • Make ends meet during COVID-19

    • Become citizens of this country

    • Help build marketable skills 


Please contact our Director of Development, Kristin Batstone Morrissey with any questions about your gift.