Elder Services

The Senior Coordinator at IAC provides escort and advocacy, on-going interpretation, as well as access and supportive services to the limited non-English speaking elders and Caregivers throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts region. Services include assistance in navigating through all of the changes to the health care system, connecting elders to existing benefits and helping them with programs that meet their economic and social needs.

Monthly blood pressure and blood screening services are offered at IAC by nurses who come from South Coast Hospital. IAC is a co-sponsor of the Annual Portuguese Elder Conference and a Health Fair in the area that also targets the immigrant population.


The Portuguese Elder Social Day Group

Created and implemented by the IAC, the Portuguese Elder Social Day Group is client-centered, culturally and clinically tested, and designed to address social isolation of Portuguese Elders. This program addresses the needs of elders who suffer from depression and anxiety, due to isolation and lack of community support.

Please click the link to read an article from South Coast Today about the Portuguese Elder Social Day Group at the Immigrants’ Assistance Center in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

If you are interested in learning more about the programs available for Elder Services through the IAC, please contact us by calling 508-996-8113 or by visiting our location in New Bedford, Massachusetts. You can also Schedule an Appointment online.