The Need for Expansion

The citizenship application rate has increased 336% over the last 2 years, putting crushing pressure on the IAC’s citizenship support services. With the lack of action by Congress for immigration reform in addition to protections for immigrants being eliminated, these growth trends show every sign of continuing.


Increase in applications for citizenship over the last 2 years

The IAC prepares legal permanent residents in the greater New Bedford region to become naturalized, economically contributing U.S. citizens. The IAC encourages everyone who is eligible to pursue U.S. citizenship, as it is their only permanent protection. Citizenship provides the key to participation in the community and local economy, as well as the chance to secure employment and develop self-sufficiency.

The citizenship process is lengthy, complicated, and expensive. Through classroom instruction and individual tutoring, the IAC enables clients to:

  • Learn English
  • Learn how to use a computer
  • Pass a complicated US civics test
  • Handle a one-on-one personal interview
  • Correctly complete the application
  • Pay for or apply for a waiver for a hefty application fee
  • Register to vote

When English language and computer skills are achieved, students will be able to access many online tools at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( to:


The high percentage of students who pass the citizenship test
is our strongest measurement of impact.

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Pandemic forces New Bedford yoga studio to close

Pandemic forces New Bedford yoga studio to close

By: Kiernan Dunlop,
NEW BEDFORD – Vineeta Singh refers to the yoga studio she opened in April of last year as her baby.

“I put everything I had into this business,” said Singh, who immigrated to the United States two and a half years ago from Delhi, India.

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Galvin joins Mitchell to urge New Bedford immigrants to participate in Census

Galvin joins Mitchell to urge New Bedford immigrants to participate in Census

By Kerri Tallman
“Leaders say counting immigrants could make big difference in federal funds city receives.”
The survey is taken every 10 years to determine the country’s population. Mayor Jon Michell and Secretary of State William F. Galvin visited the Immigrants’ Assistance Center (IAC) in the South End Monday to talk about the importance of all New Bedford residents participating in it.

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