President: Andre Silva

Vice President: Raquel Dias

Treasurer: Maria Pinarreta

Secretary: Ana Cerveira

Honorary Member

Attorney Frederick Q. Watt

Board Members

Ronald Borges

Tina Borges

Dominique Branco

Anne Broholm

Laurie Bullard

Betsy Keady

John Carlos Melo

Antonio Oliveira

Jeffrey Pellitier

Natercia Pereira

Jose Raposo

Gloria Santos

Maria Vieira

“We try to be the voice of those who are vulnerable in order to help them overcome their challenges and become active members of our society.”

At-risk Youth Case Manager

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Immigrants’ Assistance Center is moving to larger and more efficient space

Immigrants’ Assistance Center is moving to larger and more efficient space

NEW BEDFORD – The Immigrants’ Assistance Center will soon be moving to a larger and more efficient space to help its continued growth, announced its executive director at the center’s summer fundraiser held Aug. 8 at the Museum of Madeiran Heritage in New Bedford…

By Lurdes C. da Silva / O Jornal / Posted Aug 16, 2019 at 3:26 PM online

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Immigrants’ Assistance Center looks to expand space, services

NEW BEDFORD — With an increasing number of clients, the Immigrants’ Assistance Center is hoping to expand inside the building that it shares with the Casa da Saudade Library in the South End. “In order for us to meet the needs, we need to expand,” Executive Director...

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Our Case Managers

Our case managers are multi-lingual, speaking five languages, and multicultural, able to fully understand the subtleties of culturally-based dreams and fears.