The possibility of detention or deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement without any notice is a very real threat to undocumented parents with US-born children. The fear among U.S. born elementary school children that their parents may not be there when they return home from school results in deep-seated anxiety in these children, a lack of focus, and an inability to learn in school.  The IAC supports these children by guiding their parents in creating a workable plan in case of detention or deportation. Planning includes:

  • Understanding individual legal rights in case of an interaction with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Completing complex legal documents that authorize guardianship of children or management of finances in the event a parent or care provider is suddenly detained

The reality of possible deportation is so threatening to these families the IAC uses multiple tracks to disseminate information to as many people as possible, including:

  • Information sessions held in multiple languages at the Center and in New Bedford schools
  • Multi-lingual “Know Your Rights” cards handed out in immigrant neighborhoods and schools
  • Ethnic media widespread outreach to the hard-to-reach immigrant community


Immigrants’ Assistance Center is moving to larger and more efficient space

Immigrants’ Assistance Center is moving to larger and more efficient space

NEW BEDFORD – The Immigrants’ Assistance Center will soon be moving to a larger and more efficient space to help its continued growth, announced its executive director at the center’s summer fundraiser held Aug. 8 at the Museum of Madeiran Heritage in New Bedford…

By Lurdes C. da Silva / O Jornal / Posted Aug 16, 2019 at 3:26 PM online

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Immigrants’ Assistance Center looks to expand space, services

NEW BEDFORD — With an increasing number of clients, the Immigrants’ Assistance Center is hoping to expand inside the building that it shares with the Casa da Saudade Library in the South End. “In order for us to meet the needs, we need to expand,” Executive Director...

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Our Case Managers

Our case managers are multi-lingual, speaking five languages, and multicultural, able to fully understand the subtleties of culturally-based dreams and fears.